About HCSI


Harrison Creative Services, Inc. has been owned and operated since 2006 by myself, Darlene Harrison. It is run on a minimal staff, often just myself with a wonderful resource of talented individuals that I rely on when my schedule is full, or their expertise in a particular area would better serve our clients. This allows me to keep operating expenses and rates to customers as low as possible. In 2018, we opened a main office outside of Denver, yet continue to serve our clients in the Chicago and Indianapolis areas.

With 20 years graphic design experience and a lifetime in illustration, I’ve been blessed to have made many friends over the years. I’ve partnered with them to successfully build their companies and promote their brands. The highlight of this business is when a client is awarded for their increased success. This can only come from listening to their goals, sharing their visions and delivering a plan that is above what they asked for.


Core Values

Every client, every job is viewed as a gift from God. Therefore, genuine effort is put into each job, no matter how small, to do the best work and offer the best service I can. With this mindset, how could I then do less than that, as if God's gifts aren't good enough?






0 50 100
D All graphic design is completed in Adobe Creative Suite software. This includes proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Acrobat Pro and so on. I only gave an 80% rating because I will never consider myself an "expert" in anything. The day I feel I have nothing more the learn is the day I should unplug my computer.
IAlthough illustration has been my passion since I was able to hold a pencil, I have less opportunity to use this skill in the markets I currently serve. I offer fashion illustration, graphic illustration, vector illustration, caricature development, pencil, watercolor, gouche and instructional line art.
WHCSI only recently began offering web design services. That is why it is scored at only 50%. There is so much to learn with new, amazing effects being created every day. We will continue to study HTML5 and CSS at every opportunity to better serve our clients.
PPhotography is essential in any design. As visual beings, it's that first impression which draws the focus. We've successfully completed full catalog product stills, on location photoshoots for application, as well as event photography and private portrait sessions.

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